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Kraken's #1 priority is the safety of all athletes, their families, guests and spectators that attend programs in our home. We are continually reviewing the Governor's, CDC's and Department of Labor & Industries guidelines and procedures. We have established thorough policies and procedures which are documented on this site, when new information is made available we update this page. We strive to provide the safest environment possible, and want you to feel safe and confident when visiting our facility. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us, our contact information is on this page. We look forward to seeing everyone when we open in early October!

Our Location & Admin Office KRAKEN SPORTS @ FIELDHOUSE USA

Our Location & Admin Office KRAKEN SPORTS @ FIELDHOUSE USA

1101 Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA 98002

Phone: Quicker to Email @ Icon below | 425.243.2719

Arrival & Check-In

Athletes who have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has or are suspected of  having COVID-19 please stay home. Parents should pre-screen your athlete before arriving at the facility. Symptomatic or ill individuals will not be granted entry to the facility. Please make sure to read the entire contents of this page so you are informed and there aren't surprises upon arrival or during program participation. Large signs placed in front of our entrance display our COVID Policies & Protocols. Upon arrival you must wear a mask and social distance at a minimum of 6 feet. 

Check in begins 20 minutes before program start time. Athletes will be checked in and screened one at a time. 

Contract Tracing & Documentation

We are required to document all attempted entries for contract tracing purposes. Names, contact info, dates and times of arrivals and departures are recorded in our system. When a case is reported, we use the data to alert those that may have come in contact. 

  • If an athlete becomes sick, notify Kraken.
  • Have the athlete tested and notify Kraken of result.
  • Athletes must be asymptomatic and have a negative COVID test to return for play.


Staff Members, Athletes, and Spectators are verbally and visually screened as per the below process starting off with a temperature check.

  • Individuals will have their temperature taken.
  • Those that have a fever will be sent home.


The below questions will be asked after a successful temperature check.

Have You -

  • had any flu-like symptoms?
  • lost your sense of taste or smell?
  • experienced any muscle/body aches?
  • had any vomiting or diarrhea over the past 24 hours?
  • been exposed to anyone who has or may have Covid-19 in the past 14 days?

Yes to any of the above questions is a failed screen, athlete is sent home.

Failed Screen Procedures

  • Staff, Participants and spectators who fail the screening process are sent home. 
  • Those who develop or appear to have symptoms, will be sent home.
  • If sent home can't return until asymptomatic and with a negative COVID-19 result.

Any areas, common surfaces and equipment that may have been in proximity to an individual who has failed the screening process or have reported a positive COVID test result after visiting the facility, will be cleaned and sanitized immediately.

Wristbands and Entry Time

  • Athlete will receive a wristband after successful screen.
  • Wristband must be warn at all times.
  • May not enter gym until 5 minutes before start time.
  • Athletes must wait outside, in a car or visit the mall.
  • If waiting outside, must social distance and wear a mask.


Kraken Staff have been instructed that if they have symptoms or have been sick in the last 14 days they must stay home. Staff go through the Screening Process and Failed Screen procedures above.

COVID monitor ensure that COVID policies and procedures are followed. 

  • Staff must wear a face mask at all times
  • Social distance at all times including during instruction.

Social Conduct

  • No High-Fives or Huddles. 
  • Wear masks at all times unless involved in activity.
  • Minimize phone use to cut down on unnecessary pathway traffic.
  • Maintain 6 feet social distance at all times except when training.

Activity/Gym Policies & Checklist

Those that are successfully screened and wearing assigned wristband will be granted entry. You must follow the below policies and procedures at all times:

  • Dressed in volleyball shoes and athletic attire before entering.
  • Enter the facility 5 minutes prior to start time.
  • NO PARENTS OR SPECTATORS ALLOWED per Governor's mandate.
  • Refillable water bottles only.
  • Due to COVID, bottle filler stations operable only, no fountains.
  • Must be wearing assigned wristband at all times.
  • Sanitize your hands at stations throughout facility.
  • Kraken Staff will advise program court upon entry.
  • Must Immediately report to the assigned court. 
  • Must wear mask when not involved in activity.
  • Social distance at 6 feet when not in activity or during instruction.
  • Must wear mask when walking anywhere or not in activity.
  • Exit facility immediately upon conclusion of activity.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitization protocols are inline with CDC Guidelines.

  • Common surfaces are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.
  • Sanitizing agent is a bleach solution recommended by the CDC.
  • Benches, nets, poles, balls and carts are sanitized before each session.
  • Balls are designated and only used by assigned training group.
  • Each court has a sanitizing station to be used during sessions.

Confirmed or Probable Case Reported

When a confirmed or probable case is reported, it triggers the below actions.

  • Cleaning/sanitization of areas, surfaces and equipment.
  • Contract tracing conducted utilizing reports of collected check-in data.
  • Those that may have come in to contact with the reported case will be alerted.


Kraken has the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitization tools necessary to provide a safe environment for for our staff, participants and guests. Face coverings/masks must be worn by every staff member, before, during and after all program sessions, and they must practice social distancing.

PPE & Sanitization Tools On-Hand

  • face coverings/masks
  • face shields
  • gloves
  • sanitization stations
  • facility and equipment sanitizer supplies & tools