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Thank you for your interest in Kraken Volleyball Club. We are looking forward to an awesome 7th year of Kraken snd getting to know our athletes and families. Please follow the below steps to properly prepare for our upcoming tryouts! 

2019-20 Girls Info

Kraken VC will fill up to 4 Girls teams in each age group U12s to U16s, and up to 3 teams in the 17s & 18s age groups. We will also offer a U10 Girls introductory team and U14, U16 & U18 Boys teams. All teams train at The Lair Courts or the Fieldhouse in Auburn with hardwood courts and on-site fitness facilities.  The Lair is just 3 blocks North of IKEA with easy access to I-5, I-405 & 167 freeways, while the Fieldhouse is located at the old Sam's Club in The Outlet Collection mall. We are finalizing the coach assignments, & tuition information which will be posted prior to your athlete's tryout. 

Girls tryouts for teams based in both locations will be held at The Lair Courts in Renton, see below for address.
Please stay tuned for Boys tryouts information, and info on the boys league beginning in late October.  

Girls Team Tryouts Dates & Times

Section 1 - Age Group Eligibility

Determine your athlete's age division eligibility by visiting the link below. Athletes are eligible to tryout / join older age group teams, but can not participate with a younger age group than they are eligible for.

Section 2 - USA Volleyball Tryout Membership & Member Card

(Complete USA Volleyball Junior Tryout Membership - Available October 1

‚ÄčCost: $5.00

Registration Link: Registration Tab of the Puget Sound Region Website here

Registration Instructions: PSR Illustrated Junior Tryout Registration Instructions

Step 1: Complete a USA Volleyball Junior Tryout Membership registration for your athlete. 

Step 2: Save copy of Membership Confirmation to your computer, recored member # and print a copy.
Step 3: Verify correct doc by clicking on the sample document above and look for Green Arrows.
Step 4: Bring printed copy of the USA Volleyball membership confirmation to the tryout.
Step 4: Move to Section 3 below.

Section 3 - Kraken VC Tryout Registration

Click the Register now button below to begin the online registration.  A registration must be completed for for each tryout date / age group that your athlete plans to attend, including make up dates when they are published and open for registration. Once you have paid for a tryout, there is no need to pay for additional tryout age groups or make-up dates. If you receive a waitlist notification for an additional age group or make-up tryout date, please disregard as it is a system automated notification. Please have your athlete suited up and present at the tryout time stated. 

Kraken VC Tryout Fee: $30 for each age group attending 

Section 5 - Tryout Preparation 

Verify that you have completed all steps in Sections 1 thru 3 above. You must bring completed and signed copies of the required documents and waivers with you to the tyrout. 

Show up to Tryout Location up to 30 minutes before the stated start time suited up and ready to play. 

Tryout Location

3405 Lind Ave SW
Renton, WA 98057

Parking and Gym Entrances:

Must park legally in a lined parking stall. Overflow parking is the lot immediately south of The Lair across railroad tracks 

Tryout, Selection, Offer & Signing Process

  • Applicant athletes will run through a series of drills to evaluate their volleyball skills
  • Selections/invitations to join Kraken VC will be extended based on athlete’s current skills assessment, potential for improvement, as well positional fit based on the pool of athletes.
Kraken VC Will: 


  • Extend offers in writing using the PSRVB Letter of Commitment. 
  • Kraken VC will give the athlete the choice to take up to 72 hours to accept or decline the offer
  • Kraken VC will not rescind an offer before 72 hours

Athletes May:


  • Accept on offer immediately and sign the PSRVB Letter of Commitment & remit the signing and uniform payments upon acceptance
  • Decline an offer immediately 
  • Exercise their right to a 72 hour decision period
  • Not complete more than one PSRVB Letter of Commitment

Incumbent Signing Policy:


  • Incumbents now follow the same signing process as non-incumbents.
  • Kraken VC wants athletes to play with clubs and on teams that are the best fit for them.
  • We hope that our incumbent athletes will attend tryouts with the goal of receiving a Kraken offer.
  • Kraken VC does not take incumbent offers lightly, incumbent athletes are given special consideration during the tryout process.