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Head Coach

Contact Information



Coaching Experience


Head Coach, U16
Kraken Volleyball Club



Head Coach, U16
Asst Coach, U18
Pacific Coast Volleyball Club





Playing Experience

2002 – Present

Outside, Setter, Libero, Defensive Specialist

Highline College
Green River College
Saturday Warriors Volleyball Club
Kentwood High School



Where are you from?

Kent, WA

What position do you like playing the most in volleyball?

Liber / Defensive Specialist

Why do you play volleyball?

I love to play this sport for the competitiveness and the rush of digging every crushed ball that the opponent tries to give. And the excitement when one player does something amazing and we just get so hyped. I love the teamwork that this sport has to require. 

Who is one volleyball player (athlete) that you are inspired by and why?

I don’t really have a specific player that inspires but I do watch high-level players that love to compete and love the sport as much as I do. Makes me want to become a better player and I always tell myself if they can do it so can I.

Why do you coach? What excites you about coaching?

I love to coach because I love to see kids improve on their skills and it makes me happy that they are one step closer in becoming a better player.  Teaching them the importance of leadership and teamwork is rewarding for me and helps them grow into a stronger and smarter player and person on and off the court. 

What do you value most in your players?

I value most in my players is hard work and the WANT to achieve their goals and the DRIVE to want to want to win. 

What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?

I think the most embarrassing moment was when I was playing for Highline community college and I was doing a top spin the ball went way too far for me to hit the ball and I had to wait for it to land and jumped and underhand served the ball