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2017-18 Club Team Tryouts

Thank you for your interest in Kraken Volleyball Club. We are looking forward to an awesome 5th year of Kraken VC and getting to know our athletes and families. Please follow the below steps to properly prepare for our upcoming tryouts! We are fielding teams in Seattle (Reef & Tide) and Renton / Fed Way / Kent (Surf & Sand).  We will have our complete Season Info page posted prior to the first tryout date. We intend to form at least 1 team per age group in our Seattle and Renton/Kent locations. Tide and Sand teams generally have a less intensive travel schedule but receive the same high level coaching/training.

Open Club Team Spots - Seeking Players!
14 Tide - 2 Spots
16 Tide - 1 Spot
Please register for makeup tryouts at the link below.

Please register below for makeup tryouts:


Section 1 - Age Group Eligibility

Determine your athlete's age division eligibility by visiting the Age Group Eligibility page. Athletes are eligible to tryout / join older age group teams, but cannot participate with a younger age group than their eligibility.

Section 2 - USA Volleyball Tryout Membership & Member Card

(Complete USA Volleyball Junior Tryout Membership (Must complete before moving to Section 3)

Cost: $5.00

Registration Link: Registration Tab of the Puget Sound Region Website here

Registration Instructions: PSR Illustrated Junior Tryout Registration Instructions

Step 1: Complete a USA Volleyball Junior Tryout Membership registration for your athlete. 

Step 2: Save a copy of Membership Confirmation to desktop once you have completed Step 1. This file may be delivered to your email rather than displayed upon completion.

(Save as a .pdf or .jpg only with naming format: LastName, FirstName-Member.pdf or .jpg)

Step 3: Verify correct doc by clicking on the sample document above and look for Green Arrows.

Step 4: Move to Section 3 below.

Section 3 - Required Tryout Forms

Step 1: Click, complete & sign (parent & athlete) the USA Volleyball Medical Release and Concussion/Cardiac Arrest Forms.

Step 2: Please bring the 2 completed forms to tryouts. Your athlete will not be able to tryout without having brought or uploaded the forms. You can upload the files during registration if you would like. But we still recommed bringing completed copies. 

Step 3: Save forms in the following naming format:

1. LastName, First-MedicalRelease.pdf or .jpg

2. LastName, First-Concussion.pdf or .jpg

Step 4: Move to Section 4 below.

Section 4 - Kraken VC Tryout Registration

Click the Register now button below to begin the online registration. A registration must be completed for each tryout date/age group that your athlete plans to attend, including makeup dates when they are published and open for registration. Once you have paid for a tryout, there is no need to pay for additional tryout age groups or make-up dates. If you receive a waitlist notification for an additional age group or make-up tryout date, please disregard as it is a system automated notification. Please have your athlete suited up and present at the tryout time stated. 

Kraken VC Tryout Fee: $30 for each age group attending 

(The Tryout Fee payment must be completed on our website within 60 minutes of registering for the tryout. If payment is not completed online within 60 minutes, the system automatically puts your athlete on the Wait-List pending payment.) 

If your athlete is on the PSR Not In Good Standing List, this means your family has a current financial obligation from a previous club season. Please contact your athlete's previous club for resolution. Your athlete will not be able to participate in any tryout until the issue is resolved. 

Section 5 - Tryout Preparation 

Verify that you have completed all steps in Sections 1 thru 4 above. Please bring copies of the complted forms with you to tryouts. You have the option of uploading the documens during registration. 

Show up to Tryout Location up to 30 minutes before the stated start time suited up and ready to play. 

Tryout Locations: 

Rainier Community Center (NOT Rainier Beach CC)
4600 38th Ave S
Seattle, WA 
719 8th Ave S
Seattle, WA
Surf & Sand Teams
Decatur High School
2800 SW 320th Street
Federal Way, WA

Parking and Gym Entrances:

Please park legally in the center parking lots or on the street.
Club Info Meeting: 
At about 30 minutes into each tryout session we will have a brief informational meeting about our club. We will go over our coaching methods, training location information and travel details. The meeting should last about 20 minutes. We look forward to meeting you and your athlete. 

Tryout, Selection, Offer & Signing Process

  • Applicant athletes will be put through a series of drills to evaluate their volleyball skills.
  • Selections/invitations to join Kraken VC will be extended based on athlete’s current skills assessment, the potential for improvement, as well positional fit based on the pool of athletes.
  • Verbal invitations may be extended by Kraken VC any time during the PSR tryout period.
  • Athletes may verbally accept a Kraken VC invitation during the PSR tryout period.
  • Athletes must sign/return the Kraken VC Player Contract with the Tuition Deposit by the Puget Sound Region signing date.
  • All athletes need to complete their USA Volleyball Membership upgrades to a Full Season status within 1 week of the upgrade being available. 

Incumbent Signing Policy:

  • Returning Kraken VC athletes from the 2016-2017 season must accept and complete contract upon receiving an offer. If the contract is not completed, the athlete's spot will remain open and may be filled with another athlete. 
  • Incumbents must make the signing payment upon offer and acceptance.